upside down swoosh slam-jam-nike-blazer-1977

Slam Jam’s Upside Down Swoosh Nike Blazer Kicks

The classic Nike Blazer kicks has been reborn this year via Italian retailer Slam Jam. Slam Jam was given the opportunity to feature the kicks as part of their Milan Fashion Week presentation earlier this year, flipping the iconic Nike swoosh logo for that factory error, upside down style. The heel of the kicks feature “Class” on the left and “1977” on the right in honor of the “Class If 1977”.

slam-jam-nike-blazer-class of 1977 heel

The kicks were originally releasing exclusively at Milan Fashion Week and later in Nike SNEAKS NYC pop-up during New York Fashion Week. The brand also confirmed a February 22nd release date if you want to grab them up online. A U.S. release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.


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