@Speech__ – Just Too Cold feat. Rambo & Danny B.

Speech from the HipHop group Arrested Development is back with a new single “Just Too Cold”. I was digging this song as soon as the beat dropped and the visuals are dope too. It’s was great to see Speech’s Arrested Development fam in the video too. Fareedah Aleem hasn’t lost a step. Speech and Rambo bars were on point 4sho!! I’m gonna have this one on repeat today!

“Just Too Cold” is featured on the “Expansion” pt1 EP by Speech and the Vagabond Family. There’s

FYI: There’s already a remix to the song. Check it out HERE


This song was created over a 4 year period, MRK SX sent Speech the track to do a guest verse on, Speech loved it and spit on it immediately but wanted to charge x amount of dollars. MRK SX didn’t have enough in his budget at the time, so the two just sat on the song. Years later Speech and Rambo were in writing sessions at Speech’s studio (The Podium) and Speech asked if Rambo could come up with a chorus for this beloved track and the song came back to life. Speech wrote a new verse and Danny B was asked to join on for verse two. The point of the song can be left to your own interpretation. The location for the music video was WERD studios in Atlanta Georgia, the very first Black owned radio station, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke on the airwaves and where Madam CJ Walker had her beauty shop. The spirit in the room brought chill bumps.


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