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T.I. And Tiny Are About That Bike Life! They’re Rolling on SE Bikes

HipHop celebrities T.I. and Tiny are both about that BikeLife!! T.I. recently commissioned DJMars, the man behind the MadeByMars and ATL Bike Squad movement, with the task of putting some custom bikes together.

T.I. wanted a murdered out colorway dark decals that you can see close up. He got a 26″ SE Bikes OM Flyer complete for his build. On the downtube there’s a Grand Hustle decals and on the rear of the top tube there’s a “King” decal. I can’t make out what the decal on the chain stay and forks says.

Tiny’s bike got the red, pink and white color combo on hers. She has the SE Bikes Floval Flyer Elite complete with White Skyway Tuff Wheels. The frame, fork and bars are done in red with white decals. Tiny’s brand “Pretty Hustle” is the decal used on the downtube and forks. And you know she’s repping ATL GA on the top tube.

Mars and his team did a good job, these bikes look fresh. Now I wanna see some video of them riding the bikes…. ūüėČ


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  1. its nice to see Music Stars, just being as normal as us regular 9 to 5 people. they still have the humbleness to just ride a bike. it brings dopeness to the bike scene, and shows everybody is simply human by going back to their childhood activities.
    gotta love it !

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