Practice Laps x Racing With The Kids At Shoreham BMX Track

I made it out to a Thursday night practice at Shoreham BMX track to finally get to ride the track without tennis elbow pain. I was loving every minute of it, the track flows awesome! The first two straights are nice and wide and there’s lots of jumps to clear. Third straight is super technical and you have to be on your A game to get through it clean. And the last straight has more fun jumps that you can also do multiple ways

I was just trying to get use to riding a track again but I did jump the first and second jumps so that felt good. I was actually feeling faster than I thought I would but man I need to get my body conditioned for racing again lol!!

Some of the little ones wanted me to race them and they had me doing crazy laps lol!! It was a lotta fun riding with them. I’m gonna try to make it out to Shoreham more often 4sho!!

Thursday practice at Shoreham is from 5:30-8pm. Visit their website for more info.

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