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1 WAYUP Is An Awesome Movie About BMX

1 WayUp is a must see film, super inspiring! What DJ, CK Flash did over in the UK can be duplicated in inner cities around the world, it would be an awesome thing 4sho! I was pretty blown away by the trailer, it was put together really well.

On a spit of land between two tower blocks controlled by rival gangs is a tiny dirt track that defies the conventional image of Peckham, London.

This is the site of the Peckham BMX club, founded by former BMX racer and DJ, CK Flash.

He believed that BMX was a way off the streets and within a few short years, Peckham BMX riders were on podiums around the country and meeting the Prime Minister.

One of these is 17-year-old Tre Whyte. Ranked third in the nation, CK is pushing him to win the National Championship and compete in the Olympics. Family volatility and impoverishment have caused Tre to move out of his home, forcing him to make adult
decisions at a young age. Without support, it will be a tough climb to the top.

Quillan Isidore is only 16 but already a 3-time British BMX champion. But even as a champion he’s still subjected to continuing gang pressure in the neighborhood while the competition to become World Champion from sponsored riders is steep.

For more info on the 1 WayUp and to find out what the cast is doing now visit

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