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Poldoore – “Hard To Forget” x “Midnight In Saigon” remixes (@poldoore)

moods hard to forget

Leuven, Belgium DJ/Producer Poldoore released this dope instrumental called “Hard To Forget”. This joint had our neck cracking as soon as that beat dropped. There’s also another nice remix called “Midnight In Saigon”.  This one was more on the R&B Funk side, produced by  B. Bravo out of L.A. We’re diggin this joint too!

About Hard To Forget & Midnight In Saigon Remix by Moods.
Poldoore’s The Day After, his brilliant second album for the Cold Busted label, garnered heaps of praise, loads of play, and a multitude of heads nodding to its crafty beats. The next step is to revisit these songs with a collection of delicious remix treatments, contained in the upcoming The Day After Remixes. For an advance taste, Cold Busted has gathered two of these cool versions for a special 7“ single. Rotterdam’s rising production talent Moods, already well-known for his remixes on SoundCloud, tackles ”Hard To Forget“ in a dreamy, unforgettable style. The vocal hook is filtered and accented against boom bap rhythms while a lovely, cut-up string section adds emotional gravitas. ”Midnight In Saigon”, featuring vocalist Astrid, is the single’s next selection, and here it’s remixed by Los Angeles producer extraordinaire B. Bravo. He gives the track a cool FM soul vibe, adding G-funk melodies, chunky guitar, and a bubbling R&B bass line that wonderfully compliments the source material. DJs and true funk fans rejoice … this whole record is on point.

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