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Video: Da’Shen & C.F. Godwell Talk About Comics And BMX

I caught up with author Da’Shen, owner of Arctype Press Publishing and C.F. Godwell owner of Nukleus Comics at the Black Comic Book Festival. They had a booth setup at the event showcasing their work. Da’Shen had his short stories and T-Shirts on display (Meet The Enemy, The Girl With The Magic Weave, The Atrophied Man, A Black Tomorrow)  and C.F. had his comic “Boy From Planet A” comic book and t-shirts on display.

Not only are Da’Shen and C.F. talented authors/entrepreneurs, they bother use to ride BMX back in the day so you know I had to kick it with them about that 😉  C.F. even talked about getting back on the bike  and getting busy again but we haven’t seen it yet. We talked about it in this clip. Maybe we’ll finally at least see C.F. on a bike this year, stay tuned!

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