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  • Kobe Falls Trying To Be Jordan

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    There appears to be a big hoopla over Kobe imitating Michael Jordan's finger wave, the funny part is Kobe fell...... but he played it off nicely. The moral to the story is "There can Only be one Jord.......

  • El Da Sensei


    Me and Ctruth got to interview El Da Sensei from the Artifacts at the Video Music Box 25th anniversary in Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem a few month ago. Check it out! "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" .......

  • Grind Hard TV


    Big up to World and everybody at Grind Hard TV! I got to interview Worldarama from Grind Hard TV at the VMB 25th anniversary, see World knows about my show and all the hiphop trivia we do so when he .......

  • Jason Fox


    We goto interview Mr "Aunt Jackie" Himself Jason Fox at the VMB 25th anniversary a few month ago. We almost got into some HipHop trivia but the press people were rushing us so next time Jason! lol. .......

  • Myesha


    Me and CTruth got to intervew singer songwriter Miesha at the VMB 25th anniversary. Check it out! .......

  • OC interview


    We got to interview HipHop Vet and DITC member, OC at the VMB anniversary party. Check it out! .......

  • DJ Red Alert


    This was a big moment in CACTV history! We got Kool DJ Red Alert on the show while we were at the VMB anniversary party!!!! Check it out. Shout outs to Ralph McDainels and Red Alert for being in the.......

  • T Ski Valley


    CTruth and myself got to interview HipHop legend T Ski Valley(Catch The Beat) and the VMB 25th anniversary party at Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem NY a few months ago. Check it out! .......

  • Cock Blocking Part1 And 2


    My boy John O has been on his grind with the comedy skits. He's been doing this series with comedian David Spates called "Cock Blocking" It some hilarious stuff. I have parts 1 and 2 Check em out. .......

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