Wendy Williams VS Omarosa

Dam Dam Dam Dam Dam!!! Gossip Queen Wendy Williams got shut down by reality TVs most hated Beeotch Omarosa!! Iwas just checking out Wendys new show on Fox to see if was any good(It’s alright i’ll check back in a few weeks when she gets comfy on set) and out comes Oma-Roacha. As soon as this chick sat down she started wilding out on Wendy. So then I was like “Ok Wendy is gonna put a hole in that ass!!” But she just basically sat there and took it..WTF!!!! I know it’s TV and it is 10am but Eff that, Get GULLZ Wendy!!!! They dam near duke it out on The View!!! You should’ve kick Omarosas ass outta there waaaaaaay eirlier then you did too!!!

But at the end of the day Oma-Roacha came off looking like and idiot anyways, I’m so glad Oma-Roachas extended 15mins is almost up. Anyways If ya’ll haven’t seen it already, peep the clips below and let me know what you think!

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