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I’m Skeemin(South Park Christmas Parody)

I’m skeemin is a Christmas parody of “I Dreaming Of A White Christmas”. This is one of the many Christmas parody songs from Crazy Al Cayne’s Greatest Skits#3:”Ghetto Christmas Carols” mixtape.

Originally I was just going to put up a video with the mixtape artwork and call it a day because i didn’t have time to shoot an official video. But then I came across this site and they had this South Park Character maker and I started playing around with it. After about 5mins I was hooked and decided to make one of my videos into a South park style video. I edited the whole video myself and I’m pretty proud because it’s my first animation.

I gotta give a big shout out to Janina Koeppel for creating the SP-Studio site ! If you wanna make your owen South Park Characters check out the site!

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