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The Best Video Game Trailer Ever! Meet The Spy From The New “Team Fortress 2” PC Game

So I was looking on Youtube and I saw what looked to be a new CGI movie. It acutally was a trailer for a new video game called Team Fortress 2, of course I’m out the loop because I didn’t even know about Team Fortress 1 lol! Anyways this was the best  and funniest trailer for a video game that I ever seen. You gotta see this it’s crazy funny, they should make this into a movie. Below I put a little info about the game and this clip.

Meet the Spy, one of nine playable character classes in Team Fortress 2. He is deadly—handsome, that is. But mostly deadly. He is a puzzle, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! but it is too late. You’re dead. For he is the Spy—globetrotting rogue, lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real). –(Golden Machine Gun)

CLICK HERE for more info.


Team Fortress® 2 (TF2) is the sequel to the game that put class-based, multiplayer team warfare on the map. This year’s most anticipated online action game, TF2 delivers new gametypes, a signature art style powered by Valve’s next generation animation technology, persistent player statistics, and more.

Unlike other “class-based” games that offer a variety of combat classes only, Team Fortress 2 packs a wild variety of classes which provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities, and lend themselves to a variety of player skills.

Play as the flame-throwing Pyro, the room clearing Heavy, or the Spy, a master of disguises. Other classes include: Scout, Sniper, Medic, Engineer, Demoman, or Soldier.

TF2 features the most advanced graphics of any Source-based game released to date – and the most exciting class-based action ever created. Valve Software

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