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“This Is Not My Best” Alphacat’s Parody Of “Best I Ever Had”

Alphacat is at it again with another parody. This one is a spoof of “Best I Ever Had” by Drake. This is his answer to Drake’s recent performances and that wack ass video Drake had for “Best I Ever Had”. It’s pretty funny check it out!

This is an exerpt from Alphacats Youtube page

IMPORTANT: This video was NOT made to make fun of Drake’s recent knee injury. I was working on this video a week before he got injured. This video was ONLY to poke fun at the bad reviews of his video, “Best I Ever Had”.

*Also the wheelchair is ONLY a reference to a character he played on a tv. show called “Degrassi”

Don’t forget to check out my parody of Best I Ever Had called “DooDoo Breath”

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