“No Disrespect” By Quintescence (Directed by Crazy Al Cayne)

Song: No Disrespect

Artist: Quintescence

Every once in a while I take time out to direct a music video. Quintescence called me recently and wanted me to shoot a video for her song “No Disrespect” and I was like “I can do it but it gotta be a simple production”, see I don’t really have enough time to really go in on shooting and editing music videos when I’m still editing footage from April of last year lol. With that being said, I dunno how I wound up doing the most by editing the images inside the TV and doing all kinds of video effects lol. I just can’t help myself, I like getting creative. Hope you like it!

Big up to Quintescence and BX NENA(She played the “Baby Mama” in the video)

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