Dinna Talks About Her Company Sybarite Productions To C.Truth

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Dinna came to C.Truths birthday party and kicked it about her company Sybarite Productions.

“Sybarite Productions has provided the city of New York and beyond with exceptional events, ranging from dance showcases, music festivals, art exhibits, charity auction events, and concert award shows. Their events have grown to fill venues to capacity with over 5,000 attendees, and

have been covered by New York Times, Amsterdam News, New York Post, Vibe Magazine, Trace Magazine etc. Past sponsors have included Scion Toyota, Red Bull, Adidas, RUSH Philanthropic and more. Sponsors have been so pleased by these events in the past, that they have chosen Sybarite to represent all their events and sponsorship opportunities over the following year. Sybarite, in addition, continues to book individual talent for national and international films, music and dance tours and festivals, and commercials.”

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