Dinoman Comics

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Jeff and Ben from Dinoman Comics were at the Philly Comic Con to promote their comic book Dinoman.

“Dinoman is a hilarious, action-packed tale about a wise-crackin’, ***-kickin’ superhero named Dinoman (coincidentally) and his travails through life as a displaced clone of a previously undiscovered species of highly evolved dinosaur turned superhero!

Origin Deep in the frozen cradle of an Antarctic wasteland, a team of scientists unearths one of the greatest archeological discoveries in the history of humankind. Entombed beneath eons of glacial ice are the fossilized remains of a creature that once existed only within the realm of scientific imagination. It is the Dinosaur Man – a unique and isolated species of dinosaur that somehow evolved into a form disturbingly similar to that of man himself. Now, unleashed upon the world, it will forever alter the landscape of scientific understanding”.-

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