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Danny, Remo, Max, Casio, Cult Bikes And More At KONY(BMX)

This clip is from this summers King Of New York, everyone was out for the event and it was good seeing my peoples. I also got a quick look at the new Cult bikes, Cult is Robbie Morales new bike company and the bike look dope, Remo was reppin for the team. My boy Rob Dolecki was there to take some pics and do some riding, this was my second time seeing Rob this year after like ten years of not seeing him lol. I gotta get some footage of Rob riding dude is dope on a bike. Ryan Humphrey’s put the cop car together for the event, Max from Probation Industries was one of the sponsors for the event and he was putting the prize bikes for the event. Annnnnnd my dude Casio did a drop, check out the clip!

Oh yeah quick trivia, what classic HipHop song is playing in the background in this video?

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