Official FIXATION Trailer-Single Speed Cycling

Now I’m not really into road bikes and fixed speed bikes are just not my cup of tea but this documentary looks like it’s gonna be really dope! Fixation is a true life documentary focusing on the world of single speed cycling, they cover everything from the Velodrom, Bike Messengers, Commuter cyclist, Bike Polo, Freestyle,Olympic and more. I’m really interested in watching the freestyle segment and I gotta give props to the recent props the Single Speed guys have been showing the old school BMX scene with 80’s BMX themed road bikes. I doubt this documentary will have any BMX footage but BMX is also single speed cycling, we don’t do fixed gear unless you ride backwards with a freewheel lol but it’s all single speed cycling. This video should be fun to watch and i have much love and respect for all forms of Cycling.

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