H.I.S.D. Interview On CAC-TV Part#1

When I heard that H.I.S.D. was coming to NY to do a show at SOB’s earlier this year there was no way I was gonna miss it! H.I.S.D(Houston Independent Spit District) is one of my favorite HipHop groups out today, ever since I heard their song “Lando” I was a fan. They were promoting their Album “The Weakend” which is a highly conceptual piece of work with dope melodic beats. Plus they created their own slang and I got them to explain the meaning of some of terms they use like “Cranberry” and “Being Seen Green”. These guys have a lot going on and if you like real HipHop or just good music in general you’ll really get into H.I.S.D.!!! This is part #1 of my interview with them, check it out!!
Follow H.I.S.D. at:!/HISDmusic

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