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The Chosen: A Documentary Of The Black BMX Experience

George Vick is working on  a documentary that is going to cover the history of  the  Black BMX athletes. Currently he’s trying to raise funds for the film. Below is a description of the documentary. IF you like to help fund this movie or just spread the word goto to this link Just from looking at the trailer it looks like it’s gonna be dope and educational film.

Chosen – A Chronicle of the Black BMX Experience, is a full length feature documentary film that follows the history of black BMX athletes, manufacturers and industry insiders from the 1970’s until present day. Although only amassing a small percentage of the racers around the globe, they have found great success in this niche cycling discipline.

We have traveled the country to interview some of the top black BMX athletes in the world but do need your help in order to finish the film as it rightfully deserves. We’ve be in contact with and have receive commitments from past world and national champions such as:

Denzel Stein

Craig Reynolds

Darrin Mitchell

Jeffery Upshaw

Dominique Daniels

Terry Tenette

Turnell Henry

and many more…

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