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Illustrators Kamau Mshale and William Jamison

I caught up with comic book creators Kamau Mshale and William Jamison at the 2011 Philly Comic Con

HipHop Trivia alumni Kamau Mshale and William Jamison had a cool booth setup in artist alley at this years Wizard World Philly Comic Con. You know whenever I see them at a comic con I gotta get the update on their projects. Kamau gave me the update on his Captain Kacela series and Will gave me the rundown of his and Kamau’s comic Armada. We also talked about some of the good website to find african american comic book creators, writers, publishers etc. Check out the video!

You can follow Kamau Mshale on Twitter @Kamau215

Check out more interview like this one with Kamau Mshale and William Jamison on our ANIGAMICOM channel

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