King Driis(Idris Elba) “Private Garden” (Music Video)

First Idris Elba was acting now he’s singing and rapping??

Ok so where the hell have I been!? I didn’t know Idris Elba sang and I was really surprised that he raps too!! When I saw the posting for King Driis and started watching the video I was like “Is that dude from The Wire singing?” lol and the crazy part is he pretty nice at it too! The beat on this joint is crazy too….because 9th wonder produced it, you can’ t go wrong with a 9th wonder beat, I’m really feeling this joint. So What does that make Idris Elba, a triple threat?….. Oh wait I did some diggin and found a video where Idris Elba is doing some reggae skat rapping too and he was going in on the beat so that makes him a Quadruple threat lol! Whatever the case this joint is banging and big up to Idris for having all this talent 4sho! The video was nicely shot by Crystle Clear Roberson.

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Illustrators Kamau Mshale and William Jamison

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