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Nitty Scott MC, Hired Gun, Fish Grease, Top$Raz (Photos) 11.2.11

It was a real productive night last night for Spittin In Da Wip, I finally got one of the dopest up and coming female MC’s to rock the mic, Nitty Scott MC!! She was a little leary about the rules especially the one about “picking a never heard before beat and rhyming to it no matter what it sounds like, good or bad” but she was one of the lucky ones and picked a dope beat and she ripped it!

Next up was my dude and Spittin In Da Wip Alumni Hired Gun. When HG did his first Spittin IN Da Wip episode in 09 he was one of the first MC’s to do a freestyle for the whole beat. He was also one of the first MC’s that I started putting in items for him to freestyle about during an episode so it was dope to have him back on the show. Of course Hired Gun ripped it with a dope freestyle and again I threw some items at him to rhyme about, it was really dope!

Then the last MC I got to Spit was Keith Murray’s little brother Fish Grease who actually helped out by operating the camera for Hired Gun’s episode. My dude Brian from linked me up with Fish, Big up! After Fish Grease picked the beat he went in with a crazy freestyle, Some of the stuff he was coming up with was off the chain, most definitely one to watch!

After that me and C.Truth ran down to the Top$Raz/Rugged-N-Raw show at Sullivan Hall and took some pictures, I also did a few interviews, they’ll be coming soon.

All the Spittin In Da Wip episodes were top notch and are sure to be classics, I’ll be editing and posting them soon but for now enjoy the pictures

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