Aztechnical, KRS-ONE

KRS-One – AZTECHNICAL (Music Video)

The Teacha KRS-ONE is back in full and total effect in his latest joint “Aztechnical” off his 20th Studio Album Entitled “JUST LIKE THAT” Produced By MAD LION Dropping 1st 1/4 2012. In this joint KRS gives us a lesson on the 2012 prediction and how fear and deception and programming are used on the masses to keep them alseep. In his second vers he broke down how Cortes used the Aztec’s peoples fear of the Mayan Calendars predictions against them to conquer their land. This has got to be the best bars of 2011 for me, KRS-ONE is really on higher level with his bars and has been for years, I’m excited to Aztechnical, KRS-ONEhear this album it’s looking like it’s gonna be classic material 4sho! The great thing about this song is that it makes you want to pick up a book(Or search the internet) and read up on the history of the Aztec’s and find out more about the Mayan calendar and stuff. KRS is bringing that Edutainment back and I’m loving it! And I didn’t know how Ill Mad Lion was with the beats, That beat is off the chain!!

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