Snomobile Front Flip Winter X Games

Winter X Games 2012: First Snowmobile Front Flip Landed

All I gotta say is anything is possible!! Tonight history was made at the Winter X Games as Heath Frisby lands the first Snowmobile Front Flip in competition EVER!!!! It’s like first a BMXer tries it and pulls it then a MTBer tries and pulls it then an MXer tries it then eventually pulls it then a crazy kat on a snomobile figures if an MXer can do it they can do it too and BAM they do it at the X Games!!!! Crazy!!!!! Now I have to see if anyone tried it on a quad.. I’m sure they have already. Oh and did you see the way the freestyle snowmobilers are getting style on those heavy ass bikes?? No more jumping straight, their whipping them now.. Nuts!!! I wish I was watching this live tonight it must have been amazing!!
Snomobile Front Flip Winter X Games

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