Grisly Pear & Southpaw Pictures 1.19.12

So I went out late last night to catch that PNC “Protect The CoSign” show featuring Torae at Southpaw but I got there too late. Now I usually always come to Southpaw early and the shows never really get started till about 10-10:30 but the one night I come late they had to run the show ontime lol. Anyways there were a few heads still at the spot so I got some interview and took a few pictures. I got to kick it with The Company Man who told me that the “PNC Protect The Co Sign” event will be happening on a regular basis so you’ll be seeing CAC-TV in the building for future events 4sho! I also caught up with my man K.Gaines at Southpaw and we went back to the city to check out Hired Gun at the weekly open mic called “The Line Up” at Grisly Pear hosted by The Band Called Fuse. By time we got there they were doing a dope cipher and heads were lining up for their turn on the mic, it was a cool vibe!
I got some Spittin In Da Wip news from last night too!! I spoke to Torae and we’re gonna setup a day for him to get on an episode! I also ran into Pharoah Monch at Grisly Pear and we talked about getting him on a future episode..That’s big!! And my dude Coole High will be doing a redemption episode of Spittin In Da Wip in the near future so stay tuned for that!!

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