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Terrace Martin “L.A. Dreamen” (Music Video)

Terrace Martin "LA Dreamin" by Worldwide-Westside-Ent
Terrace martin, saxophoneI’m always impressed by the stuff Terrace Martin(@TERRACEMARTIN) puts out and this joint “L.A. Dreaman” off his “Locke High 2” album is no different. Like I said in a previous post Terrace is a triple threat being a MC, Producer, Saxophonist! I’d have to say Terrace is one of the most talented artist out right now, not only because he has many talents but he makes great music 4sho! All my heads that grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and loved that Grover Washington sound or that good old school picnic music should check out Terrace Martin!! Even if you weren’t raised in that era but love good music you should be checking for this kat 4sho! The Video is directed by @seveneightla (eddy orellana)

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