Jill Scott, Blessed

@MissJillScott – Blessed (Music Video)

Jill Scott(@MissJillScott) just dropped some visuals for her song “Blessed” off her album “Light Of The Sun”. She also directed the video too, that’s wassup! I like this track it’s a dope R&B jam with that HipHop bop to it and I’m also feeling the scratches at the end of the track. Jill’s visuals are always pleasing to the eyes, she’s beautiful 4sho!
Ok so there’s so many ways to interpret the beginning of the video with the puppets…Most folks take it as Jill dreaming about making music but she’s also thinking about her kids at the same time so the puppets are a representation of that….I like the interpretation where the puppets represent the folks in the industry who are puppets, what’s your take?
There was also people tripping over the product placement in the video, it didn’t bother me one bit besides the same people that trip over things like “product placement” in a Jill Scott video are the same ones that bootleg her stuff and download her albums for free…smh…… All I got to say is get that paper Jill!
Jill Scott, Blessed

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