C.Truth Bmx Challenge
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Crazy Al Cayne’s BMX Challenge Ep#1: C.Truth

Here it is ya’ll the pilot episode of Crazy Al Cayne’s BMX Challenge! So what’s the show about you ask? It’s a show where I interview guest about what they do and we also talk about BMX, MTB, etc of course and then my guest have to do a time trial around a pump track(Brooklyn Bike Park). Then I place their trial time on a board(Or digital display). As the episodes go on you’ll see the guest times change rank. By the last episode of the season (which will happen some time in August) the top 15 guest will be invited to compete in the BMX Challenge finals which will be held at The 2nd Annual Sugar Cayne Bike Fest held at Trumbull T.R.A.C.K. in CT September 20th.
For my first episode I got to sit down with my boy C.Truth and find out what got him into doing radio and what he’s got coming up in 2014. I also have a special cameo from 35-40 expert John Paul Pfeiffer who’s actually in the next episode.
This is just the beginning stages of the series and I will be developing it as I shoot them so you’ll see minor tweaks as we go. Hope you enjoy it and if your interested in being a guest on the show contact me at info@sugarcayne.com

C.Truth Bmx Challenge

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