Afroella (@kromatroncomics) Comic Book

I came across this cool comic book called Afroella created by writer Gemma Bedeau and artist Lee Fenton-Wilkinson. Their looking for your support to get their project to the masses. Check out the description from their Sponsume page;

Afroella is the new kick-ass Glyph Award nominated comic book series from writer Gemma Bedeau and artist Lee Fenton-Wilkinson who together form the dynamic duo Kromatron Comics. Taking inspiration from our joint love of all things 60s sci-fi, rocket ships and giant monsters sprinkled in with an appreciation for Blaxploitation and cheeky pop culture references, Afroella offers a fresh updated take on the space opera genre.
Agent 36-24-36 codename AFROELLA alongside her sidekick and best friend D.I.V.A [Digital Interactive Virtual Assistant] travels the galaxy in the STARCRAFT FIERCE, righting wrongs, battling robots and mashing monsters.

For more info visit:

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