Haus Of Swag, T shirts

Haus Of Swag (@hausofswag), Dope T-Shirts

Toni from Haus Of Swag had a vending booth setup with some really dope product at Afropunk! I did a quick interview with her and she showed me all the fly tees that she had on display for the sistas, check out the clip! I really like all the designs that Haus Of Swag created real dope product!
EDITORS NOTE: Our apologies on the typo in the video with the spelling of Haus Of Swag, I caught the error after the video was edited and saved.

Haus Of Swag, T shirts

Below is a lil more info on what Haus Of Swag is about:

Our story is simple, a dream, a t-shirt and a love affair with all things ‘fashion and hip hop’. Haus of Swag, SWAG being an acronym for ’Sisters With A Grind’, is a premium brand of fashion tees & accessories. Urban, chic, fun & edgy – yep, that’s us. Our tees have got something to say, and our message is clear, ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves and we are on top of our game’.~Haus Of Swag


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