Dominik Raab, MTB

Park, Trails, Street, Trials Dominik Raab Does It All!!! #MTB

Austrian Street Trials rider Dominik Raab`s part from the UMF Video Project. This guy is soo sick on a bike, I can’t even comprehend some of the stuff he does! He is definitely a Jedi Master of MTB Trial, Street, Trails and all that! This video got me amp’d to go out and ride 4sho!! Below is and excerpt from Dominik’s Vimeo page

This edit reflects Dominik Raab`s outlook on riding – Ride Everything. No matter if it is Trials, Street, Park or a bit of Dirt biking.
Filmed and edited from friend and filmer Tobias Plank. Locations: Linz/Austria, Barcelona/Spain and a very special place in the mountains of Upper Austria

Dominik Raab, MTB

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