major lazer, kidrobot

Major Lazer (@majorlazer) KidRobot Mascot Figure #VinylToys

major lazer, kidrobot
There’s a new KidRobot figure coming out in Feb for all you Dancehall/Reggae loving vinyl toy collectors out there! Toy Designer and Illustrator Jeremy “MAD” Madl designed this dope new Major Lazer Kidrobot Mascot figure which will be released 2.16.13. If ya’ll don’t already know Major Lazer is a musical project consisting of Diplo, Walshy Fire, Jillionaire you can find out more about them here. Below is a description of Major Lazer:

1984: the Olympic Games are held in LA, President Reagan runs for re-election, the AIDS epidemic runs rampant, and underneath it all, the secret Zombie War rages. One secret soldier is rescued from the fray, his arm gone, but his spirit strong. He is given an experimental lazer prosthetic and hired by the CIA to continue his fight against the forces of evil. He fronts as a dancehall nightclub owner from Trinidad, though in truth, he is a badass Jamaican keeping the world safe from vampires and monsters, while partying hard and tweeting.

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