turntable ring
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All Gold Turntable Ring Prototype 7 By Mathmatiks (@Mathmatiksnyc)

turntable ring
For all ya’ll ballers making big money off this HipHop thing, show your respect and love for HipHop and for the original jewelry of choice for the early HipHop heads…Gold!!! The folks at Mathmatiks made this dope 18k yellow gold with black diamond turntable ring with a rotating record top!!! It doesn’t get any more HipHop than that! But DAYUM $20,000.00 is a whole lot to be paying for a ring, I’ll have to wait for the fake gold line to come out….I’m a HipHop head on a shoe string budget lol, still a dope piece though.

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the rise of the turtle

Beats: Sacramento Knoxx (@sacramentoknoxx) Knockzarelli Da God #HipHop

swollen members, king of diamonds

Swollen Members (@swollenmembers) “King Of Diamonds” #HipHop