Aaron Ross Vapor flip pro

Aaron’s (@theaaronross) Vapor Flip Bonus Bike Has Some Nice Colors #BMX

Aaron Ross Vapor flip pro
I’m loving the color of Sunday Bikes(@sundaybikes) Aaron Ross Vapor Flip Bike! Basically Arron took his 2013 pro bike and flipped all the colors, hence the name “Vapor Flip”,

Arron Ross Pro, Sunday bikes
Aaron Ross Pro

The bike will be available in select shops on March 23rd. I love that their bringing more colors back to BMX freestyle again, it’s been about black or dark colored bikes with no decals for way too long. I came from that era when it was all about color combos and mags so you know I’m feeling the Vapor flip, now they just need to make a “Vapor Tuff 2’s Flip” 😉

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