wood turn table1

AudioWood Wooden Turntable Called Barky Is Dope!

wood turn table1
For all my vinyl record lovers/collectors and DJ’s who also loves log cabins and things made outta wood, check out the Barky wooden turntable by the crew at AudioWood.com. This turntable looks so dope and it will fit right in with my Log cabin..when I hit the lotto lol. I doubt anyone is gonna do blend mixes with it but it’s too dope to pass up if you got the ends to afford it.
Peep the Specs:

Barky is a precision turntable that features a high-quality Rega parts kit, glass platter, RB303 arm and Rega Bias cartridge. Solid ash round is finished with polyurethane and paste wax, and has adjustable solid-brass spike feet.

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