JC pieri

JC Pieri (@JC_Pieri) Made The Most Creative #BMX Video I’ve Ever Seen

I came across this amazing BMX video featuring JC Pieri the other day and was amazed by the creativity of riding in it! This guy has some serious skillz on a bike but what was really dope was he wasn’t being all serious, he was having fun and trying different things. He was coming up with all kinds of different lines and crazy combos, those bike transfers were were so dope and JC was going in with those sick pedal flip combos. There is so much dope creative and original tricks in this video you’ll have to watch it more than once 4sho! It’s refreshing to see a BMX edit with more stuff than the usual big air tailwhips, front flip, back flip, barspin, 360 flips etc…
JC pieri

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