Philip Owusu

Philip Owusu (@owusumusic) Has An Amazing Soulful Song Called -Goodnight-

Philip Owusu

Now you know we’re all about that Underground HipHop but we’re more than that, we’re music lovers especially for that soulful R&B fusion type stuff! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put ya’ll on to Copenhagen, Denmark musician,singer and songwriter Philip Owusu and his new song called “Goodnight”. This is such a nice tune and the music just keeps on growing on me after every play, dopeness 4sho! “Goodnight” is the first song off of Philips solo album “SUBS” which is coming out soon! “Goodnight” was first played on BBC radio by my favorite DJ Gilles Peterson at the end of 2012 and it’s been spreading all over since then.
It’s funny because when I first heard this song I recognized Philips voice right away because #1 it’s very distinct but also because I use to (and still do) play a song of his called “A Million Babies” all the time, even though he doesn’t start singing until the end of the song lol! You can peep that masterpiece below

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