dynamic equilibrium, post crack era

Dynamic Equilibrium (@AlphaMemphisGSF) – Hunger Games – Is Sick! #HipHop Dopeness

dynamic equilibrium, post crack era

Alpha Memphis & Machia AKA Dynamic Equilibrium are a dope New York base rapper/producer duo and they have a really good album called “Post Crack Era”. I had to post this track they have on the album called “Hunger Games”, the beat is sick and the bars are real dope! “Post Crack Era” It’s a 10 track (minus the intro and interlude) banger that delves in to the state of the hood in this post crack era we live in, real dope socially conscious record 4sho!. The beats on this project are really dope too and their “Real New York” Style beats which is refreshing to hear. The only thing is… it would’ve been cool if they made a clean version of the album, you know how we feel about that N-Word. If they had a clean version I would’ve posted the whole album on the site and not just the single. With that said though I highly recommend that you check out Dynamic Equilibrium album, it dope! My favorite songs on the album is Pangea, Killers Move in Silence, Dear Father, Hunger Games and Forever.
Peep the description of “Post Crack Era” from Dynamic Equilibrium:

“Post-Crack Era” is one of the most highly anticipated, highly controversial tapes in 2013. This 10 track EP is a representation of all the fundamental elements for which Hip-Hop embodies.Dynamic Equilibrium brings something that the game has been longing for in the past years. Aside from the overall production of the tape, Dynamic EQ not only presents listeners with deep intellectual lyrical content, but also a story of some of the struggles in society and the world in general. With Alpha Memphis’s witty flow, and Machia impeccable production, this tape is guaranteed to take the industry by storm. Sit back, open your ears, and take a listen. Knowledge is power. Superior Minds Rule Timelessly.

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