Star Wars New Movies

Oh Snap New ‘Star Wars’ Movies Annually Starting in 2015

Star Wars New Movies
So it appears that that Force is strong in Mikey when it was unveiled today at the CinemaCon that Disney has some big plans for the “Star Wars” franchise after purchasing Lucasfilm for $4 billion. If you didn’t know already “Star Wars: Episode 7” is in the works and is suppose to be coming out in summer 2015. That’s wassup but what’s ever doper news is Disney is saying after Episode 7, fans can expect a new “Star Wars” movie every summer for at least five years, with installments in the official series alternating with stand-alone films that will focus on well-loved characters in the “Star Wars” universe!!! AWW SNAP!!!
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It’s clear Disney wants to not only recoup that cost, but also start making some mad cash, and a new “Star Wars” movie each year — combined with Marvel’s ongoing, expanding cinematic universe — is going to make the studio the pre-eminent powerhouse around town. And 2015 alone is going to be insane for Disney with both “The Avengers 2” and “Star Wars: Episode VII” dropping. Madness.

This is all really really good news I’m just hoping they deliver a solid series like their doing with Marvel’s Avenger series.

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