no_fear_self taught

Self Taught (@selftaughtyup) – No Fear – Featuring Skater Josh Hardwick #HipHop

I got sent this nice song and video by the good folks at the independent label Chamberlain Drive (@chamberlaindr)! This one is called “No Fear” by Self Taught featuring visuals of 14 year old longboarder Josh Hardwick riding Capitol Hill in Burnaby, BC. The video that Andrew Santos Media directed fits the vibe of this song perfect…I like this joint 4sho!
Here’s a lil more info on Self Taught via Chamberlain Drive:

About the Group
Self Taught, as their name implies, crafted this album utilizing only the skills of its three members. This includes production of all of the beats, writing of all the lyrics, recording of all the songs, mixing and mastering, album artwork and music videos. As with their past two albums, the group continues to push the envelope and challenge their own creative limitations by taking on all aspects of creating an album.

no_fear_self taught

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