Massan Macaframa

Massan Macaframa (@MACAFRAMASF) Speed Bombing Some Steep Cali Hills #FixedGear

Now I know this video has nothing to do with BMX but I see my little world of BMXHOOD with a broader vision. See BMX is part of the cycling community so at the end of the day we’re all cyclist and I’m willing to bet that the majority of cyclist began riding or learned how to ride on a BMX bike so in that regard all cycling disciplines along with motorcycling can be traced back to BMX roots. Now As someone who spends a lot of time riding my BMX bike on the road along side the roadies and fixed gears riders in my daily commute to work I can relate to the enjoyment it is to just ride and ride fast for long distances and using your mind and body navigate riding up hills and down hills and drafting other riders and knowing the right time to make a pass etc so I can really relate to the guys who are just cyclists(Non BMXers) and they also show me love when they see I can hang with them on my “Little” bike ;). And I also have a lot of respect for the fixed gear riders because I can never ride a knees would pop off riding those things LOL!
Anyways I’m saying all this to say that at the end of the day we’re all one big cycling community and we have more in common with each other than not.
Now sit back and watch Massan speed bomb this steep, fast, curvy sometimes blind hill with a fixed gear bike and get hyped to ride!
Massan Macaframa

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