D.strong, the knock

D Strong (@STREEZEE) “THE KNOCK” feat. Apani Bfly MC, John Robinson #HipHop

D.strong, the knock

New heat by D.Strong called “The Knock” featuring Apani Bfly MC and #SpittinInDaWip Alumni John Robinson! Each emcee brings it with their bars and the cuts by Chinch 33 are dope! That beat produced by SciFi Stu is dope with that flute sample, it takes back to those 90’s era HipHop beats….dopeness 4sho!

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darth vader fathers day card

Darth Vader Fathers Day Card LOL!

sgt over, high on life

Sgt. Over (@SgtOver) – High On Life – Dope Smooth Lyrical #HipHop Joint!