dope means, war on terror

Dope Means (@DopeMeansDope) – War On Terror – Revoultion Rap!

Dope Means new song “War On Terror” featuring Raspy is one seriously dope revolutionary HipHop joint! And I don’t me revolutionary as in “Anti Industry” but “Anti War” and “Corrupt Government”. Heads was keeping it really real on this joint and I Salute them on that 4sho! This is where HipHop really shines, HipHop is a “in your face” voice of the people if used correctly and whether you agree or disagree with the content of this song hopefully it can start a discussion about the things that really have meaning in this world. I’m curious to hear what else Dope Means has 4sho! I’m also diggin that beat produced by C-Lance, that joint is hard body and the sound bite at the intro is the realest! The video is directed by Ben Fredette.
dope means, war on terror

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