j.cole crooked smile

J.Cole – Crooked Smile – featuring TLC Is On That 90’s HipHop And R&B vibe

j.cole crooked smile

The new J.Cole single called “Crooked Smile” featuring the legendary TLC reminds me of those early 90’s era HipHop and R&B songs with soulful melodies and commercial appeal. This is about as commercial as I’m gonna get on SugarCayne.com lol but it’s a good song 4sho. It’s funny because while I was listening to the song for the first time I was getting happy because J.Cole wasn’t saying the n-word…then the last vers came….. and there they were, 2 N-Bombs smh….It’s like J.cole has it in his contract to put that word in everyone of his songs….good grief!! ๐Ÿ™
BTW, This post is for all ya’ll so called HipHop heads that never check out post from HipHop artist unless the radio, MTV or BET is playing it. Yep the same ones that always claim real HipHop is dead but don’t know who emcee’s like Homeboy Sandman are…this one’s for you….now go check out some of the other dope HipHop that this site has to offer!:)

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