romo smartphone robot

Have You Met Romo (@Romotive) The Iphone Robot That Can Learn?

Did you know you can make your iPhone into a robot with AI(Artificial Intelligence)? Well now you can with Romo by Romotive! Romo is a robot that learns and grows up with you, it does telepresence, autonomous navigation, machine vision, you can train it to do just about anything like smiling at you when it recognizes your face or get dizzy when it spins around too much…

Romo gets Dizzy from Romotive on Vimeo.

Yes ya’ll this is the closest thing to C3PO that the public can get their hands on….even closer if Romo was able to project holographic images but I’m sure that feature is coming soon too 😉
Hey as long as I’m not around when the droids take over, I’ll be cool lol! Number 5 is Alive!!
romo smartphone robot

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