stair rover

Have You Seen The Stair-Rover (@StairRover) An 8 Wheel Skateboard For Riding Down Stairs?

I recently saw this long board with 8 wheels called The Stair-Rover, the makers of the board said it was able to roll down a flight of stairs with ease, I was a skeptical until I saw the video. I was blown away at how easy this thing actually goes down the stairs and just about any other little obstacles that a skateboarder my encounter. I haven’t ridden a skateboard in years but watching this video makes me wanna get one and try a set a stairs for myself!

Stair-Rover is a longboard unlike any other. It’s designed from the ground up to surf the entire city. The unique eight-wheeled mechanism makes the board equally at home cruising smooth pavements or gliding down steps. From the curb outside your house to a double flight of stairs, the Stair-Rover scuttles over obstacles with ease.

stair rover

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