Ultra Supreme, derek mason

The “Ultra Supreme” Comic Book Series By Derek Mason Looks Dope!

Ultra Supreme, derek mason
I saw this really dope illustration created and posted by Derek Mason of Mason D Entertainment posted on his Facebook page and had to repost it on SugarCayne.com! It’s an illustration for his comic book series “Ultra Supreme”, Below is the description of the comic:

The comic is called ” Ultra Supreme “. It’s about a team of 6 super heros who join forces to to protect the Earth from Criminal and terrorist organizations, Super villians, alien invaders and supernatural attacks. Based in Atlanta Georgia, the team consists of Keyo Supreme ; The leader who’s a martial artist possesed by a warrior angel. Panther Huey ; a militant mutant revolutionary. Mecha-X; A teenage crimefighter who wears a powerful robotic suit of armor. E.G.; an Immortal goddess. Mz. Unstoppable; a super fast, super strong female juggernaught. And Lady Gunz; a sharp/shooter with a variety of firearms. Created and written by Derek Mason ( Me), and designed by Ocie Taylor, Ultra Supreme will be published and released in the summer of 2014 by Mason D Entertainment, with a prequel/ profile comic released in Early spring 2014.

Find out more on Derek’s Facebook Page

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