adian coker, cream

Adian Coker (@AdianCoker) – Cream – #HipHop

UK emcee and producer Adian Coker released the new video for his single “Cream” which is off his upcoming mixtape ‘Young World’! I really like the production on this joint, I’d say it’s a good blend of a more commercial sound with a hard, classic HipHop break beat. Adian got skillz behind the boards and I’m curious to hear what else he’s got coming. Adian flows and delivers over the beat nicely and his bars are on point too with the exception of a few N-Bombs. Now the video that Drew Cox directed is visually amazing but it’s got some of those American elite Rap star, illuminati images in there…. looks like Adian wants in lol 😉 Either way the song and video are tight …and keep in mind this is just for a mixtape…. Yessir the game done changed, mixtapes are being released like albums with big budget(looking) videos and all nowadays!!
adian coker, cream

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