evel fett

Evel Knievel + Boba Fett = Evel Fett (@Retro_Outlaw)

evel fett
I’m loving this new 3DRetro exclusive Boba Edition of Retro Outlaw’s Evel Fett Vinyl for The San Diego Comic-Con. I never would’ve thought of a mash up like that, it’s really cool! It’s only Limited to 200 pieces at the SDCC so if your not there you missed out 🙁 The figure stands 12+” tall and has a removable cape and pimp cane lol. Their selling these badboys for $120 from the 3DRetro/Kozik booth [#5051]. I love how the universe of BMX and the universe of Comics/sciFi are linked together via this toy! Your probably saying to yourself “Evel Knievel was a stunt man on a motorcycle. What does that have to do with BMX?” Well that’s pretty obvious lol! This why I do what I do here on SugarCayne.com…I’m always looking for the connections 🙂 This toy is dope!

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