Route 3 Comic Book

The Route 3 Comic by Terminus Media (@terminusmedia) Looks Dope!

Route 3 Comic Book
Writer/Editor Robert Jeffrey II of Terminus Media created a dope comic called Route 3 which is a really elaborate story that ties in all types of elements. Like Robert says “You learn Something and you get your bang on!” Check out the official plot description below:

In America’s continuing war on terror, the nation has gone to questionable lengths to defend its sovereignty. Whether its extraordinary rendition, or utilizing unchecked private security firms, the nation has taken drastic measures to win.

At all costs.

Into this framework imagine the revelation of a “power” which could be utilized by those with questionable goals. This game changer could spell the utter annihilation of the nation’s enemies.

Such a source exists in the form of a broken Stone Mountain, GA teen: Sean Anderson. A kid living an existence of being ignored by most, and treated like dirt by a remaining few. A series of events which began on a Virginian tobacco plantation in 1690 has caused Sean to inherit the power to set a fractured world on the right course.

Welcome to Route 3.

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